Multifamily Division - 3 Points Realty Partners
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Multifamily Division

3PRP’s multifamily division focuses on the acquisition and management of class B multifamily properties – urban and garden-style homes in Texas, the East Coast, and the Midwest. We engage in income-producing investments that feature longer holding periods of between three to five years. Applying comprehensive CAPEX planning and implementing extensive redevelopment to our properties, we meet, year after year, our profitability and returns’ goals.

Driving up property value, 3PRP’s multifamily division is committed to:

A value-add acquisition strategy

Target high demand areas featuring a steady population and employment growth

A minimum of 200 units

Extended holding periods (3-5 years)

Synergy between 3PRP’s multifamily and management divisions that provides for cost-effectiveness, high efficiency as well as better management and control over the properties, capital invested, expenditure, and costs.

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